AC Schnitzer ACS1 Cabrio BMW 1-Series tuning program

AC Schnitzer ACS1 Cabrio BMW 1-Series
AC Schnitzer ACS1 Cabrio

AC Schnitzer gives its 2008 BMW 1-Series tuning program yet another go with this new personalization package that not only lets your sports compact car run faster, but also makes it look better.

This time, the German tuner offers an upgrade package not only for the gasoline-powered 2008 BMW 135i, but also for the diesel-sipping BMW 123d and 120d convertibles. When all enhancement procedures are applied, their maximum available power is increased by 60, 35 and around 30 horsepower to 360 hp, 240 hp and 200 hp respectively. Although, even with all this power increase, the tiny convertibles won’t stun you with supercar performance, they will surely be more fun to drive given their strong BMW heritage.

AC Schnitzer ACS1 Cabrio

Needless to say, that the engine upgrade kit comes together with a height-adjustable race suspension, which is supposed to improve car’s handling, as well as a double-barrel exhaust silencer with chromed tail-pipes.

The visual part is covered with new body kit consisting of a front skirt with diagonal grille insert and a pair of fog lights, new rear skirt lip and an air diffuser. The AC Schnitzer ACS1 Cabrio kit may be supplied with 17, 18 or 19 inch alloy wheels in different design.

AC Schnitzer ACS1 Cabrio (rear view)

Inside the car, there is a set of silver-carbon details and aluminum accessories, new gear knob, pedals and velour floor mats.

Well, I must admit that, while I don’t personally approve BMW’s new design language, this particular ACS1 Cabrio really looks cool. Not stunning, sure, but definitely cool.

Photos: AC Schnitzer

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