AC Schnitzer does Mini Clubman

AC Schnitzer Mini Clubman
AC Schnitzer Mini Clubman

If you feel that the recently unveiled 2008 Mini Clubman is just not hot enough, then the German tuning specialist AC Schnitzer does have good news for you. You see, just yesterday the guys from the tuning studio that specializes in premium-grade German sports cars have presented a new upgrade program that offers not only visual enhancements to the already charismatic vehicle, but also added to the mix a comprehensive engine tuning program.

With its new tuning package, the Clubman’s twin-scroll turbocharged engine gets its power boosted from 170hp to much more impressive 226hp. The peak torque is also increased to 285Nm (210 lb-ft). If you take into account relative lightness of the vehicle (the 2008 Mini Clubman tips the scales at just over 1200 kilograms), you will probably get the idea how fast it will get with such a power boost.

2008 Mini Clubman tuned by AC Schnitzer

Besides the engine upgrade, the tuning program from AC Schnitzer also includes new sports spring kit and height-adjustable racing suspension, new exhaust system, as well as a limited slip differential enhancing the Mini Clubman’s performance while cornering.

The visual part is covered with more aggressive, SUV-style unpainted body kit featuring a new front spoiler and extra-wide wheel arches, as well as a set of either 17-inch or 18-inch wheels with sporty design.

2008 Mini Clubman tuned by AC Schnitzer (rear view)

Photos: AC Schnitzer

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