Brabus ECO PowerXtra: greener or faster?

The German tuning alpha-dog will soon start selling its Brabus ECO PowerXtra after-market engine control unit for 2006-2008 Mercedes-Benz cars: the ECU.

Designed for the Mercedes-Benz oil-burners, the ECU module enhances their performance and leaves to you to decide what kind of performance you actually want.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class with Brabus ECO PowerXtra ECU kit installed
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Brabus ECO PowerXtra

The choice is quite simple: you can fine-tune the engine to go with the same speed, but burn less diesel fuel or you can leave the fuel consumption at the same level, but get much better dynamics.

The kit, company is informing, is designed to improve low-end torque and high-end power so that a motorist can use lower gears longer thus burning less fuel in slow city traffic.

But when you get to the highway or an Autobahn, you can put pedal to the metal getting up to extra 53 hp and 80 Nm out of your powerplant, which will result in slightly better acceleration, but will also make overtaking on a busy rural road not so breath-taking after all.

In this mode you will probably burn all the previously saved diesel fuel, although there is a good chance that the energy balance in the city / highway driving will be neutral so you won’t have to pay with extra fuel for the extra horses under your car’s hood. And, of course, your car will emit less CO2 and other pollutant gases into city’s atmosphere, which is quite nice, too.

Brabus ECO PowerXtra ECU installation

According to the company, the module is available in three version — the D3 (III), D3S (III) and D6 (III), the first two designed for the new C-Class and E 220 CDI model, and the third one even more versatile and capable of working with C, CLK, CLS, E, GL, ML, S-Class and R 320 CDI V6 engines.

Well, greener or faster? The choice is yours.

Photos: Brabus

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