Liberty Electric Range Rover: clean and quiet!

Liberty Electric Cars Ltd., a British start-up that only recently surfaced as subsidiary of Green Automotive Company in USA, plans to convert all sorts of luxury cars and SUVs (like the expensive 2008 Range Rover mentioned in the title) into electric vehicles. The idea behind the project is fairly simple: if you take an expensive car and add all the equipment and man hours into it, its price will double at best. Take a luxury car that costs around $100,000 and the price increase will be as marginal as a new set of lightweight wheels from a super-tuner like the German brand Brabus. If you add some environmentalist slogan to the mix, you clearly get a business case here.

If their marketing department does its job, the cars, even priced between £95,000 and £125,000, will sell in tens of thousands units. At least, such are Liberty’s plans for the nearest future.

Liberty Electric Range Rover EV
Liberty Electric Range Rover EV

Liberty will start with current Range Rover line up equipping the luxury SUV with its “state of the art” lithium-polymer (the ones that power your smartphone and notebook) batteries. Combined with huge capacitors that will reclaim energy from braking (usually it goes to waste as heat), the energy packs will be capable of moving the large 4?4 for about 200 miles on a single charge.

Of course, this is still not enough if you plan to get from Chicago to LA in a hurry (but there are planes and trains for that, right?), but will be pretty plenty for a person that only needs to travel from a relatively remote estate to his or her downtown office and then go back without using gasoline at all.

2006 Land Rover Supercharged Range Rover

However, if range anxiety is an issue or you just don’t want to buy a spare car for long trips, some EV models, Liberty Electric Cars Ltd. says in its press release, will even have on-board electric power generators significantly extending the vehicle’s range.

Photo: Range Rover

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