2008 Bentley Continental GT-based ASI Tetsu GTR 800hp super-coupe

The famous Japanese tuning specialist ASI has revealed its new ASI Tetsu GTR sports car: an outrageous tuning program for the 2008 Bentley Continental GT super-coupe. Although the Japanese word “tetsu” means “iron”, and although some purists may argue that covering a Bentley in gold lacquer is as vulgar as a platinum Rolex decorated with diamonds and pearls, I must say that the idea is not exactly off-center when it comes to highly expensive items. For many years, gold-top Gibson Les Pauls have been instruments of choice for many well-known guitarists, as are custom made grand pianos from brands like the Italian Fazioli Pianoforti, and even Baroque-styled furniture that even now often comes with gold paint on its surfaces.

Also, the use of color is gracefully balanced with flower-themed paintwork on the hood, as well as with a dark chocolate boot and rear spoiler. The choice of colors corresponds nicely with the Japanese traditional art where gold is often mixed with very dark brown or even black background.

2008 Bentley Continental GT-based ASI Tetsu GTR 800hp super-coupe
2008 Bentley Continental GT-based ASI Tetsu GTR

The ASI Tetsu GTR program comes with an organic-looking body kit made of ASI’s dry carbon reinforced plastic with extremely high strength to weight ratio, which makes it a perfect material for all sorts of aero kits.

As I have already noted, painted in gold and decorated with flowers, the car looks simple, beautiful and deadly like a Samurai sword. Of course, there are elements (like numerous air vents) that somehow disturb the serene appearance of the car, but they still have a purposeful look, which makes them bearable.

ASI Tetsu GTR 800hp super-coupe

The vehicle’s W12 engine has also been tuned with new ECU module, enhanced turbochargers that make it more efficient and power, and, of course, a better exhaust system that not only allows the engine breathe easier, but also makes it sound like it was supposed to from the very beginning.

Together, all these enhancements increase engine’s performance from impressive 552hp to overwhelming 800hp.

Certainly a car to dream about, or to have one if you can afford this beautiful beast.

ASI Tetsu GTR (rear view)

Photos: ASI

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