2008 Smart ForTwo Cabrio wide-body kit by Koenigseder

The 2008 Smart ForTwo Cabrio ultra-compact has just received a very nice-looking appearance package from the Austrian tuning specialist Konigseder. If your beloved one likes wearing watches by Chopard and carries a Dolce&Gabbana handbag, you should really consider ordering this package, getting her little ForTwo to a local shop and surprise her with a radically changed vehicle.

Frankly, I don’t understand why so many car manufacturers think that an ultra-compact must be ugly. Perhaps, at some point in time a special congress of CEOs decided that small cars are for poor people and poor people must be punished for their alleged laziness and lack of ambition. Also, if small cars are beautiful, nobody would buy their big cars and that is no good. Yes, I guess that was their thinking.

Smart ForTwo Cabrio gets a widebody kit by Konigseder
Smart ForTwo Cabrio by Koenigseder

Well, when some person at Daimler came to an idea of making a small car that would look good, that wasn’t exactly a revolution. However, thousands of well-to-do people that live in over-crowded global cities were a patch of land the size of a post card costs more than an executive sedan and where you are always in a hunt for a parking lot greeted the car with their spread hands and open wallets. And, while many Japanese kei-kars, as well as Korean Daewoo Matiz and its sibling Chevrolet Spark didn’t look like ideal objects for exterior tuning, the German Smart ForTwo is all about style.

The Austrian tuner Königseder found this to be a good enough excuse for introducing its own appearance kit for the tiny city car.

2008 Smart ForTwo Cabrio wide-body kit by Koenigseder

The new wide-body kit was employed to provide additional living space to the set of new 17-inch wheels, which -together with new Eibach sport springs- provide the Smart ForTwo with better handling. To make it look more, err, organic, guys from Konigseder also equipped the car with a pair of side skirts, restyled front bumper and extra air vents in the rear wheel arches.

Thankfully, the vehicle’s engine remains untouched.

The flowery paint job, although incredibly cute, looks a little bit incongruent with the new -too aggressive- body kit, but is still tolerable, alright.

2008 Smart ForTwo Cabrio wide-body kit by Koenigseder (side view)

Photos: Koenigseder

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