2010 Rolls Royce RR4 to get a smaller engine?

It is reported that the British-based ultra-luxury brand is seriously pondering an introduction of a smaller Rolls-Royce for the next model year. Although their “full-size” limousines enjoy great success among the wealthier crowd, it looks like BMW, RR’s current owner, wants to make an even bigger profit from the brand by introducing a vehicle that will possibly target Bentley, its long time archrival, which is owned by Volkswagen.

Details are still scarce at best, but we now know that the 2010 Rolls Royce RR4 will be a trifle smaller than the normal Phantom and will thus feature a smaller version of its 6.7-liter V12 engine with a possibility of introducing a diesel motor later on.

While the idea of a Rolls-Royce getting its oomph from an oil-burner looks hilarious (if not sacrilegious), there is a rational point behind it. You see, big and heavy cars need lots of torque available at lower rpm for the driver to feel comfortable behind the wheel. The success of Audi Q7 car-based SUV, which can be equipped with a 4.2-liter V8 or with an even more powerful 6.0-liter V12 twin-turbo diesel is a clear indicator of that.

2010 Rolls Royce RR4 to get a smaller V12 engine?
2010 Rolls Royce RR4

Diesel motors are also great when it comes to increase a vehicle’s driving range and thus make its owner less vulnerable to an attack when the car runs out of juice on a highway somewhere in the middle of Russia and has to make a stop at a local gas station with lots of unfriendly eyes peering at a suddenly appeared ‘oligarch’ from inside their old and rusty cars manufactured before the fall of Soviet Union.

The baby Rolls Royce, which is still in its sketching phase of development, will be priced between $250,000 and $300,000 making it much more affordable for the reach and beautiful part of mankind.

The company’s management hopes that the smaller RR4 will help it to more than double annual sales to 2500 cars per year.

The luxury sedan will be built around the next generation BMW 7-Series platform but will be a little bit longer than the German vehicle.

Sketch: Rolls-Royce

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