Hamann body kit for the 2008 BMW X6

Although the 2008 BMW X6 coupe-shaped SUV (the German car manufacturer prefers to call it a ‘SAC’, which stands for ‘Sports Activity Coupe’) has only just arrived to select markets, some tuners are already offering body kits and even some modest tuning programs for the much over-hyped vehicle that somehow manages to combine low, dynamic profile of a sports coupe with a bulky body of a crossover.

German super-tuner Hamann -a brand that, besides appearance and performance packages for Bimmers, also offers kits for such premium vehicles as Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, and even Rolls Royce- is among those few tuning specialists that, I suspect, were given a privilege of getting basic dimensions of the production version of the “sports activity coupe” even before the first examples arrived to local dealerships.

Hamann body kit for the 2008 BMW X6
2008 BMW X6 by Hamann

I mean, it takes months to create a 3D model of the car, make all the necessary molding equipment and place orders with third party manufacturers for smaller parts and the fact that they got an aero kit right at the X6’s launch means that the tuning specialist is very intimate with BMW.

2008 BMW X6 Hamann body kit (front view)

Just as one could have expected, Hamann’s tuning program is limited to a pair of side steps that probably won’t make the process of entering the car any easier, but still give it that muscular appearance, which is usually associated with true off-roaders. Also on offer are different sets of performance wheels (the multi-spoke black ones look especially appealing to me), as well as a new suspension lowering kit that improves the vehicle’s handling at high speed.

Well, since the X6 shares most of its components with BMW X5, I am pretty positive that soon enough we will see true engine upgrade kits for this highly impractical, yet very lovely German baby.

Looks like it may take some more time before BMW X6’s proud owners will be able to spend their hard-earned money on ‘real’ plastic and carbon-fiber aero kits as well as engine tuning programs.

2008 BMW X6 Hamann body kit (rear view)

Photos: Hamann

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