2008 BMW 6-Series tuned by Hamann

It’s been more than a year since the Bavarian company introduced its facelifted 2008 BMW 6-Series coupe and convertible sport cars. Clearly looking more muscular and energetic (and less than an overweight shark on a high-calorie diet), the refreshed 6-series attracted lots of attention both from motorists and tuning specialists that immediately started churning out new appearance and power upgrade programs for the German vehicle.

Both Lumma and AC Schnitzer already offer their own tuning kits for the refreshed car and now Hamann pulls a joker out of its sleeve. And, I must admit, this particular wild card looks extremely attractive, although some people may find its look a little too complicated for the German philosophy of making things look as simple as they can be while hiding all their engineering prowess behind nicely curved sheets of metal and plastic.

2008 BMW 6-Series tuned by Hamann
2008 BMW 6-Series by Hamann

Hamann offers the BMW 6-Series owners a comprehensive tuning program consisting of a new body kit, an engine upgrade, some interior enhancements, and a choice of 20-inch and 21-inch wheels.

The body kit, Hamann says in its press release, consists of front, roof and rear spoilers, an additional pair of side skirts, and broader front and rear fenders. The new front bumper fascia also gets a Brabus-style pair of fog-lights.

2008 BMW 6-Series tuned by Hamann (front view)

The BMW 630i, 650i and the diesel powered 635d will also get extra 21hp of power and, with the Vmax delimiter removed, the 6-Series’s top speed increases from 250 to more impressive 270 km/h.

New Hamann sport exhaust system with a stainless steel four-pipe muffler may be “perked” with metal catalysts, sport fan manifolds and a middle pipe set.

2008 BMW 6-Series tuned by Hamann (side view)

The choice of wheels is limited to Hamann’s 20-inch HM EVO one-piece alloy wheels and the 21-inch HM EVO Forged models.

Inside the car, you will find a 3-spoke sport steering wheel with an air-bag, and pedals, leg rests and hand brake handles made of aluminum.

2008 BMW 6-Series tuned by Hamann (rear view)

Photos: Hamann

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