2009 BMW 3-Series: putting meat on the bones

The refreshed 2009 BMW 3-Series family of sedans, coupes and station wagons has received a rather extensive face-lift, getting sportier, more muscular looks.

2009 BMW 3-Series: putting meat on the bones
2009 BMW 3-Series

Unfortunately, the choice of engines remains the same, except that Americans will finally receive the 335d version of the car equipped with a 265 hp, 425 lb-ft green twinturbo diesel engine featuring the AdBlue-based BluePerformance system that is similar to Mercedes-Benz’s proprietary BlueTEC technology.

2009 BMW 3-Series

Although in the United States public perception of a diesel engine is still marred by memories from 1970s when an oil-burner was associated with extremely poor performance and lots of black smoke coming out of its pipes, there is a good chance that the car will actually be popular among American motorists. After all, the 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel not only delivers lots of torque in normal conditions, but also feels quite okay even at high altitudes when a naturally-aspirated gasoline engine loses most of its power and makes you feel like you are driving a VW Bug from the same 1970s.

As you can see on the photos, the restyled 2009 BMW 3-Series now sports a much more energetic-looking front bumper one would rather expect to see coming with the M3 model.

2009 BMW 3-Series sedan (side view)

The same goes with sportier hood and reworked head lamps. Rear view mirrors have also received their share of changes, as well as the tail lights and the rear bumper.

The car’s interior also gets more upscale with the new 8.8-inch color monitor and the iDrive system that now sports four more selection buttons making it easier to use.

The list of options now includes an advanced multimedia system with an optional 80GB HDD (I wonder when they will start equipping the cars with SSD-based GPS and entertainment systems: they are faster and more reliable, and they are not that expensive for a car, which is sold for a hefty premium).

2009 BMW 3-Series sedan (rear view)

The 2009 BMW 3-Series is expected to be officially presented at the Paris Motor Show this September, 2008.

No info on availability information and pricing yet.

2009 BMW 3-Series Touring (side view)
2009 BMW 3-Series Touring (rear view)
2009 BMW 3-Series (interior, iDrive)
2009 BMW 3-Series (interior)
2009 BMW 3-Series (interior, side view)

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