2009 BMW X6 SAC Lumma CLR X650 tuning kit

2009 BMW X6 SAC Lumma CLR X650 tuning kit
2009 BMW X6 SAC Lumma CLR X650

German tuning studio Lumma Design has revealed a preview of its upcoming Lumma CLR X650 body kit for the new 2009 BMW X6 ‘sports activity coupe’. Known for their pimp-style wide body kits for sports cars like the 2008 BMW M6, the tuning specialist delivers basically the same approach to design: wider, exaggerated elements with lots of vents, holes and curves to make the final product look as outrageous as it can be.

Looks like the flashy, yet highly unpractical car, which is neither a coupe, nor an SUV, will soon receive a body kit of just the same kind.

As you can see on the teaser image above, the appearance kit lowers the 2009 BMW X6’s stance by 40mm (about 1.57in.) and further decreases the vehicle’s ground clearance with a pair of side skirts. Judging by this render, the car will ride as low as some 120 or 140 mm tops, so even crossing a speed bump may be a little problematic for this heavy and oversized, SUV-inspired sports activity “coupe”.

Widened wheel arches will soon nest a set of low-profile 23-inch performance wheels with black painted rims, and the new front bumper fascia bears 6 huge Porsche Cayenne-style air vents that deliver air to the X6’s radiator, as well as front brakes. To justify this parade of cliches, all this sporty plastic should probably be matched by a significantly upgraded engine and huge vented brakes, but it looks like Lumma decided to limit its efforts to just a body kit.

And all this stuff is painted in an eye-burning post-apocalyptic green. Oh, my.

Image: Lumma

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