2009 Ford Focus RS super-hatchback

At the end of July, Ford Europe will officially present its 2nd-gen 2009 Ford Focus RS super-hot performance hatchback. Compared to the current EU-spec 2008 Ford Focus, the upcoming sports car features a more aggressive body kit with lowered ground clearance, a triangular air-vent in the front fenders and, of course, a huge air intake in the front bumper that will allow better cooling of its powerful 2.5-liter engine equipped with a huge Borg Warner K16 turbocharger.

Although still in its development phase, the upcoming Focus RS will feature a turbocharged five-cylinder Duratec 2.5-liter engine. Relatively light and offering better fuel efficiency than some larger counterparts, the engine is capable of producing more than 300bhp of power and 410 Nm of torque making the old ‘no replacement for displacement’ proverb sort of obsolete (although I still doubt that the powerplant will be as reliable with all that power squeezed from such a small volume.)

2009 Ford Focus RS: 300bhp on the front wheels?
2009 Ford Focus RS

All this power will be transferred to the front pair of wheels, so the second-generation Focus RS may become one of the most powerful FWD cars ever produced.

300bhp is a way too much for a normal FWD, so Ford’s engineers decided to solve the problem with the Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) limited-slip differential.

Originally developed for the front-wheel drive Alfa Romeo and Fiat models equipped with 5-speed manual transmissions, the ATB will get its performance enhanced by working together with RevoKnuckle front suspension system co-developed by Ford and ZF.

2009 Ford Focus RS

The rest of Ford Focus RS’s hot points are limited to a pair of air-vents in its hood, wider wheel arches to allow some extra space for the 19-inch alloys fit with 235/35 Continental tires, aggressive front bumper, prominent rear diffuser, Recaro sport seats and an eye-blinding lime green exterior paint.

Ford Europe promises to show the car at the upcoming British Motor Show on July 22 and will start selling it early next year.

It’s not clear whether the car will ever reach the North American market.

2009 Ford Focus RS (rear view)
2009 Ford Focus RS (front view)
2009 Ford Focus RS (interior, bucket seats)
2009 Ford Focus RS (interior, dashboard)
2009 Ford Focus RS (interior, steering wheel and instrument gauges)

Photos: Ford Europe

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