2009 Jaguar XK60 celebrates XK120’s 60th Anniversary

The legendary Jaguar XK120 was the British brand’s first model since the end of the WWII. Launched at the 1948 London Motor Show as a concept vehicle, the XK120 proved that Britain has indeed survived the Great War.

In fact, the car was met with such an enthusiasm that Jaguar’s owner Sir William Lyons decided to put the XK120 on assembly line. Of course, there were not so many that could afford such luxury as an open-top sports car, but, compared to the rest of Europe, the country was in a lot better economic shape, so the number of vehicles that were produced and sold was still big enough for a fully restored Jaguar XK120 to be offered below €100,000 mark.

2009 Jaguar XK60 celebrates XK120s 60th Anniversary
2009 Jaguar XK60 60th Anniversary

Now, it is time for the 2009 Jaguar XK60 to prove that the famous wild cat is still alive and dangerous.

The 2009 Jaguar XK60 Special Edition is basically the same Jaguar XK coupe-convertible that was revealed back in 2005 in Frankfurt. However, the new special edition vehicle comes to stores sporting some styling enhancements that seem to be inspired by the new Jaguar XF sport sedan.

The car, for example, now rolls on 20-inch Senta alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile performance rubber and features different front spoiler and rear valance panel, chrome side vents and new tail pipes.

2009 Jaguar XK60 together with the Jag XK120

The XK60 is equipped with a naturally aspirated all-alloy, 298PS, 4.2-liter AJ-V8 XK engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. That’s enough to accelerate the heavy vehicle from zero to 62mph in only 5.9 seconds and reach an electronically limited speed of 155mph.

Inside, the 2009 Jaguar XK60 Special Edition features a sporty alloy gear knob and selector-gate surround. It will be available at a price of £60,995 for the Coupe and £66,995 for the Convertible model.

Photos: Jaguar

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