Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited super-limited edition (Japan)

GM Asia-Pacific has built exactly 30 copies of its new 2008 Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited special edition model. Hardware-wise, these thirty stallions will be identical twins of a normal 2008 Chevrolet Corvette C6, but they will feature slightly different bodywork with re-sculpted front fascia, new rear spoiler and, of course, new mirror-polished and chromed exhaust tips.

Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited: 30 Vettes for the Japanese
Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited JDM

Available on the Japanese market starting 4th of July, this limited lot is split evenly by its exterior color — half will be shipped in Black and another half in Arctic White.

2008 Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited super-limited edition
2008 Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited super-limited edition

Priced at ¥7,980,000 (USD $74,900 or €47,700), the Corvette S-Limited is available in full leather interior (including a leather-wrapped dashboard and doors), a rear spoiler, mesh grille-work, screened inserts for the side coves and the plate between the exhaust outlets.

As the company puts it in its press release, all cars are shipped in left-hand drive execution.

Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited (tail lights and boot-lid spoiler)

Although to some people this kind of decision may seem bizarre for a country with left-hand traffic, but GM probably didn’t do it just in order to cut costs. As I have heard more than once, in Japan owning a left-hand drive version of a European or an American sports car is a fad that has developed among sports car enthusiasts. It is almost like owning a right-hand car in Russian Far East: those guys really think that all other cars just won’t cut it.

Add to this mix the fact that the Corvette has its own personal cult following in Japan, the lack of RHD wouldn’t be a problem, at all.

Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited (twin tail-pipes)
Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited (interior)
Chevrolet Corvette S-Limited (interior, seats)

Photos: GM Asia-Pacific/Chevrolet

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