IFR Aspid Sports Car: Who’s scared? Me scared?

IFR Aspid Sports Car: Whos scared? Me scared?
IFR Aspid Sports Car

If there were a prize for the ugliest car of the British International Motor Show this year, the upcoming IFR Aspid Sports Car roadster would have had a good chance to be a winner.

Certainly inspired by Lotus’ and Caterham’s super-light sports cars, the Aspid certainly looks like a product of interbreeding between Frankenstein and a cheap Chinese ghetto-blaster stereo (OMG, just look at those head lights! Who in his right mind could have imagined a head lamp that literally looks like a really cheap acoustic system with its plastic twitters and drivers replaced with HID bulbs?).

IFR Aspid Sports Car

Another disaster (at least, from the point of view of industrial design) is the way the doors and roof are transformed when the vehicle’s pilot and his passenger need to get in. They look nice (if not a trifle clumsy), but what happens when the car gets off the track and lands spectacularly on its roof? How are you supposed to get out of its cabin when fire breaks out and things begin to look really ugly?

Well, never mind.

IFR Aspid Sports Car (interior)

The car will reportedly be available with a choice of two 2.0-liter engines.

The base model will come equipped with a 270hp naturally aspirated powerplant and the more expensive version will get the supercharged version of the same engine capable of producing up to 400hp.

IFR Aspid Sports Car (interior, steering wheel)

Although ugly as hell, the Aspid with the supercharged engine will nevertheless be pretty fast, taking only 2.8 seconds to jump from zero to 62mph, another 3.1 seconds to cross the 160km/h (100mph) mark and then exactly 3 more seconds to come to full stop. This (theoretically, of course) makes it better than the Ultima GTR, that takes 9.4 seconds to complete the 0-100mph-0 feat.

Anyways, the car is almost here and soon some of us will probably spend from $150,000 to $300,000 to get the Spanish snake.

IFR Aspid Sports Car (3D model)

Photos: IFR

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