Lightning GT EV to debut in London

Although the British Lightning Car Company, which is behind the whole project, is taking pre-orders for their upcoming Lightning GT EV since March, it will be only tomorrow that the prospective customers and general public will have the first chance to see and actually touch the mighty electric car.

Lightning GT EV to debut in London
Lightning GT EV

By the way, the company has also informed us that the Lightning GT EV will use a set of the NanoSafe batteries by American brand AltairNano.

Lightning GT EV

Based in Reno, Nevada, the company made its name delivering lithium ion batteries that, while moderately expensive, still deliver an unrivalled combination of low charge time and high stability under heavy load (something that happens when you get particularly excited and literally put the “gas” pedal to the metal).

Normal lithium-ion batteries that power your notebook and smartphone are usually prone to overheating in such circumstances. You have probably seen those spectacular videos when a notebook goes up in flames and you can probably imagine the scale of the disaster if the something like this happens to a car packed with a happy family of four.

Lightning GT EV (side view)

Using nano-titanate materials instead of conventional anodes made of graphite, NanoSafe’s breakthrough (yes, it is actually THE breakthrough) technology makes the batteries much more thermally stable, significantly reducing risks of them catching fire due to overload. More than that, the batteries are also less prone to wear: NanoSafe says that their batteries may live more than 12 years and will retain as much as 85% of their original capacity even after 15,000 cycles.

Compare that to Tesla Roadster’s current battery pack that has to be changed every five or six years.

Lightning GT EV (rear view)

As we have already reported back in March, the batteries need only about 10 minutes to fully charge and will allow up to 250 miles of driving, which will cost you about $6.25 in electricity bill.

Alas, still no info on the EV’s price.

Trying to get extra publicity, the company has released a fresh set of images of the upcoming EV.

Photos: Lightning Car Company

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