Mastretta MXT: A Mexican RWD super-exotic

Mastretta MXT: A Mexican RWD super-exotic

Mastretta MXT

Mexico, a Latin American country, which is still mostly associated with drug cartels fighting a never ending battle for control over drug trafficking routes, but gradually becoming a more and more important regional industrial power, has now got a good chance of also joining the exclusive club of exotic sport car manufacturers. Their upcoming RWD Mastretta MXT coupe, which is still in its prototype phase, will be presented next week at the British Motor Show in London.

The Mastretta MXT sports an ultra-light semi-monocoque chassis made of bonded aluminum and a fiberglass body sculpted using close mould technique.

As a result, the car weighs only about 900kg, which is really good considering that its 2.0-liter, 240bhp and 184 lb-ft turbocharged Duratec powerplant tips the scale at around 150 kilos. No wonder that the MXT takes less than five seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mph speed.

According to Mastretta Cars, the production version of the coupe will come equipped with standard 293mm ventilated brake discs with ABS, double wishbone suspension front and rear and a rack and pinion steering with only 2.8 turns lock to lock. So, the car will surely be fun to drive even on a daily basis, although its exterior design is nothing but yet another rehash of the good old vision of a modern sports car.

In the U.K., the Mastretta MXT will be available starting January 2009. It is reported that the car will cost as low as £32,999 for the base version, but it is still no information regarding the cost of optional equipment.

Photo: Mastretta

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