TH!NK city EV presented in London

TH!NK city EV presented in London
TH!NK city EV

Although the new TH!NK city electric vehicle is not as sexy as the gorgeous Lightning GT EV electric-powered supercar that we have briefly reviewed earlier today, it certainly looks like a much more viable solution for a city suffocating in CO2 and clouds of soot. Well, maybe not this particular iteration of the vehicle that, let’s be frank here, looks as ugly as sin, but give it a slightly less hideous outer skin (something close to a Smart ForTwo would be just fine with me) and you get an instant hit that will make lives of common Londoners not as miserable after all.

The TH!NK EV, the Norway “Think” company that stays behind the new vehicle claims in its press release, is the world’s first and still only fully crash-tested and highway-certified electric car.

TH!NK city EV

Despite its small footprint, the tiny transportation device offers seating for two adults and provides a formidable cargo space.

While its top speed of 65mpg will certainly impress no one, it is still adequate for the task if your daily driving routine includes a short trip along a highway: the car accelerates fast enough to safely get you into the first lane without slowing down traffic. As for the range (it is currently projected to be around 126 miles in the city cycle) it also looks quite adequate if you don’t plan to use the car for your summer trip to Lyon, France.

TH!NK city EV (rear view)

Its lithium-ion battery pack takes about four hours to charge from 20 to 80 percent capacity and the company promises that it will be good for over 10,000 miles use with the total cost of electricity hovering in the region of £100.

Well, that’s nice, but I’m afraid the total cost of replacing the dead battery will be much higher than 100 quid, though.

TH!NK city EV (luggage compartment)
TH!NK city EV (luggage compartments, +2 seats)

Photos: Think

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