2009 Ford Ka compact hatchback

Ford Europe has revealed another couple of photos of its upcoming 2009 Ford Ka compact hatchback. The new city car is supposed to replace the first generation model that was first introduced back in 1996 and, although quite profitable for the carmaker thanks to its dirt-cheap manufacturing costs, finally too old to attract enough attention from young customers searching for their first brand new car.

2009 Ford Ka compact hatchback
2009 Ford Ka

Set to be unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show, the new Ford Ka will share its platform with the 2008 Fiat 500 and will be built at the same plant in Tychy, Poland. Compared to its Italian sibling, the new car is clearly not as attractive and looks more like a result of cost cutting and total unification. Perhaps, they wanted to keep the car as profitable as possible.

Although Ford’s European design bureau is known for such design masterpieces as the new Mondeo and Focus, it looks like this time something went totally wrong there.

2009 Ford Ka

Trying to differentiate the Ka from its Italian sibling, Ford’s designers produced some kind of a baby Frankenstein with rear lights outsourced from Daewoo Matiz / Chevrolet Spark, rear windows from the Opel Corsa, wheel arches from the 2009 Mercedes ML, and the front from the Ford Fiesta. Yawn.

The car will be equipped with the same 1.25-liter petrol and a 1.3-liter Multijet diesel the Fiat 500 is motivated with, but the powerplants will probably feature different power rating.

2009 Ford Ka (ugly interior)

As you can see on the photos above and below, the vehicle’s interior, too, looks like it was deliberately made as revolting as possible. Perhaps, they wanted to stimulate you to buy a more expensive Fiesta model that was updated for this model year and features an interior design that could even be called elegant if not made of such cheap materials.

Well, perhaps they were right, too. In this class, you just can’t find a car that wouldn’t look like it was designed to make you want to puke.

2009 Ford Ka (interior, center console featuring KA logo)

Photos: Ford Europe

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