2009 Volkswagen Golf VI will be more expensive

2009 Volkswagen Golf VI will be more expensive
2009 Volkswagen Golf VI

VW has finally unveiled pricing for the next iteration of its main moneymaking machine. As most manufacturers, the German car manufacturer will raise the cost of the new car, but will try to keep the increase slightly lower the official inflation rate. At least, it is reported that in Germany, the entry-level version of the 6th-generation 2009 Volkswagen Golf will cost €16,500, which is about €200 more expensive than the current Golf.

In return, you’ll receive a slightly larger car that, while being certainly sportier than the previous generation of the Golf still looks a lot more sober than its Italian and French counterpart. Some people would certainly call the vehicle’s appearance dull and not terribly exciting, but VW probably targets older people that don’t really like those over-exaggerated wheel arches, flashy radiator grilles and false air scoops on hoods.

2009 Volkswagen Golf VI

Volkswagen usually exerts a lot of effort trying to make their vehicles as easily recognizable as possible, so there is a good chance that we now look at VW’s new corporate front fascia (although I have a feeling that the car pictured on these press photos wears an optional body kit that comes only with the most expensive version of the 2009 VW Golf).

Besides Touareg-like rear lights, the car also offers better interior equipment with new materials and more modern infotainment system that probably won’t make Bentley eat its heart out, but still will give you bearable sound and some 21st century connectivity besides the usual Bluetooth and AUX in. May be even an iPod cradle is in store, too.

2009 Volkswagen Golf VI (rear view)

There will also, a new choice of diesel engines that are up to 28 percent more fuel efficient than VW’s current oil-burners.

The 2009 Volkswagen Golf’s Euro 5-compliant 110hp, 2.0-liter diesel engine burns only 4.5 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers (52mpg), which is 0.6 liters less than the current engine of the same displacement can achieve.

It also emits only 119g/km of CO2.

2009 Volkswagen Golf VI (leather interior)

For the first time in the model’s history, the 2009 Golf will be available with a distronic (a radar-equipped cruise control system that automatically reduces speed if a car in front of you starts slowing down while you are texting), a parking assistance system and adaptive chassis that makes driving the car a lot more comfortable if your daily commute includes roads with ahem varying pavement quality.

2009 Volkswagen Golf VI (interior, black)

Photos: Volkswagen

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