Chevy Corvette C6-based Rossi 66 supercar

Chevy Corvette C6-based Rossi 66 supercar
Rossi 66

Ford’s components supplier Blue Fusion is going to unveil its Chevrolet Corvette C6-based Rossi 66 sports car at the upcoming 2008 SEMA show set to be held November 4 – November 7, 2008 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Blue Fusion, as the company stipulates in its press release, is not going to sell conversion kits to the car enthusiasts.

Chevy Corvette C6-based Rossi 66 supercar (rear view)

Rather, it will ask prospective customers to turn in their Corvette C6, Z06, or ZR1 to its production facility where the car will be taken apart and then reassembled with new body parts, new lightweight forged wheels, Rossi big brake kits, custom exhaust system, new interior and so on and so forth.

At the beginning, the company will present only a three-door coupe, but later there will also be a “fully functioning” convertible. Both models will be available in different performance versions, including Sport, Competitions and even a full-blown GT2-class track-ready vehicle.

Although the company is ready to take orders from future customers, it looks like the actual production of the Rossi 66 will begin only next year.

Photos: Blue Fusion

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