Fiat 500 may get a hybrid version

Fiat 500 may get a hybrid version
Fiat 500

Fiat is reportedly working on adding a hybrid-powered version of its highly popular Fiat 500 super-mini to their product line. Although even while equipped with a conventional powertrain, the Italian compact car is not particularly thirsty, the car manufacturer still wants to kill at least two birds with one stone: make the car even easier on your wallet, while still allowing it to be fun to drive. And there is also a matter of swag: everybody seems to be so proud of owning a hybrid these days.

According to Auto Express, the Fiat 500 Hybrid may be motivated by a fuel-sipping 900cc two-cylinder engine.

Although the engine is really tiny, it is still capable to produce from 65hp when naturally aspirated to more impressive 105hp when turbocharged, so the car will still be pretty much agile and fun to drive.

Together with a bespoke battery pack and an electric motor, the Fiat 500 Hybrid will feature 80mpg (2.94l/100km) fuel economy and will produce less than 90g/km of CO2 greenhouse gas.

Just like most latest fuel-efficient cars, the 500 Hybrid will also feature a start-stop ignition system and a dual-clutch gearbox, but that’s not officially confirmed yet.

If everything goes as planned, the Fiat 500 Hybrid will be presented to the public before the end of this year and will go on sale in 2011.

Note: 2008 Fiat 500 with normal powertrain pictured.

Photo: Fiat

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