Hamann tunes diesel-powered 2008 Mini Cooper D

Hamann tunes diesel-powered 2008 Mini Cooper D
2008 Mini Cooper D by Hamann

German tuner Hamann has just offered its new engine upgrade program for the speedy (and also quite fuel efficient for the level of performance it delivers) 2008 Mini Cooper D diesel-powered performance hatchback.

According to the company, the program in question is limited to installing a, err, reprogrammed engine control unit, which is capable to increase the 2008 Mini Cooper D‘s tiny 1.6-liter Peugeot engine’s maximum power from meager 110hp to more impressive 136 horsepower.

2008 Mini Cooper D with Hamann R56 body kit

The only problem is that these extra 26 horses are waiting for you almost at the end of the rev counter at 4000rpm. Frankly, I wouldn’t spend too much time revving the engine at such close proximity to the red zone, but if you are brave enough to lay the gas pedal on the carpet and are ready to pay for consequences, you may find the tuning kit quite interesting.

The oil-burner’s peak torque is also increased to 300 Nm and is available as low as 1750 and not higher than 2000 rpm, which is surely enough for hassle-free aggressive city driving.

Unfortunately, in its official press release Hamann doesn’t elaborate whether this enormous (for the car of this size) amount of moment is available in a normal or an Overboost mode.

Hamann’s new R56 tuning program also includes an aerodynamics kit consisting of a new front skirt, side sills and a rear diffuser; new sport exhaust system; new rims, including the one-piece 18-inch HM EVO wheels with a black-lacquered finish; new suspension lowering kit with a height-adjustable sport coilover set consisting of four sport anti-shocks and four progressively coiled sport springs.

Besides the new ECU, Hamann also offers an interior upgrade kit, including hand brake handles, sport gear shifts and pedals made of aluminum.

Still no info about the kit’s price.

Photos: Hamann

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