Inden Design tunes Porsche Cayman S

Inden Design tunes Porsche Cayman S
Inden Design tunes Porsche Cayman S

German tuning specialist Inden Design has presented its new tuning program for the current 2007 Porsche Cayman S entry-luxury sports coupe. While the exterior of the car left virtually untouched (if you don’t count in the new rims, that is), there is a number of upgrades to its engine and exhaust that not only make the car run a little faster, but also rub a Cayman S owner’s ego exactly the right way.

Equipping the car with an exhaust system designed by Antonio Capristo who also happens to own Capristo ExhaustSystems company that makes pipes for just about every production performance car built in Europe and North America, the German tuning studio increased its total power output by 19hp to a maximum of 314hp.

Porsche Cayman S by Inden Design

While a power increase of just over 6 percent doesn’t sound particularly impressive, there is a chance that the car will actually be able to shave that terrible tenth of second from its official 5.1 seconds from zero to 100 km/h acceleration time.

Porsche Cayman S by Inden Design (rear view)

The new exhaust system’s flaps are operated via a new control unit with a freely programmable CPU. There are no mechanical modifications to the Cayman S’s 3.4-liter boxer engine, so installing the kit you probably won’t void your engine warranty (but don’t forget to call your local service center just to be sure).

The kit, company is reporting, also includes a set of exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels fit with 235/35 R19 tires on the front and 305/25 R19 at the rear and a sporty H&R height adjustable coil-over suspension.

Porsche Cayman S by Inden Design (side view)
Porsche Cayman S by Inden Design (Capristo exhaust system)

Photos: Inden Design

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