Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion: first official photos

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion: first official photos
Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion

The Italian coach-builder has finally revealed its one-off Pininfarina Hyperion cabriolet. Inspired by vintage coupes of pre-WWII era, the vehicle combines signature elements of 1930s design including an extra-long front fender with an energetic line going all the way from the front wheel and to the rear bumper, a long trunk and, of course, a an interior that only has enough room to sit just two adults.

The car, which is based on the ultra-luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, is built to order by a RR’s aficionado Roland Hall. While the vehicle’s inner workings are probably left intact, the bodywork seems to be completely changed with only the front corporate grille reminding you that the vehicle is in fact a re-built Rolls-Royce.

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion

As we have already reported about two weeks ago when the vehicle’s first images and specs were published, the car features the same standard 453bhp, 6.75-liter V12 engine and sports the 0-60mph acceleration time of some 6 seconds. Basically, all technical characteristics of the car are identical to that of the Phantom Drophead Coupe.

As you can see on these pictures, the Pininfarina Hyperion’s body doesn’t share a single part with the original car. The body parts are mostly made of carbon fiber, except for the doors and the roof cover, which is crafted of solid wood.

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion (side view)

Inside the car, the most interesting part is the analogue watch by the Swiss manufacture Girard-Perregaux.

Based on its Vintage 1945 Tourbillon with gold Bridge design, this is, too, a pretty much expensive one-off. Its real price could only be determined on auction, but something tells me that the watch would cost more than a brand new Ford Focus. A very nice thing about this timekeeper is that it is not bound strictly to the car’s dashboard: if the car’s owner feels especially attached to this high horology masterpiece, he can always take it with him. Its white gold case can be easily detached from the dashboard and put on the alligator strap for Mr. Roland Hall’s personal use.

I guess this is a rare case of enormous money meeting good taste.

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion (rear view)

Photos: Pininfarina

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