Mansory Renovatio SLR in black and white

German tuner Mansory has already made quite a splash with its tuning programs for the new Bentley Continental GTC, as well as thanks to its Rolls Royce Phantom Conquistador one-off. This time they reintroduce their weight-saving Renovatio program for the famous Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren supercar that now comes with a two-tone black&white paint job.

The new color combination was introduced because the original Renovatio’s color of fake gold was just too disgusting, I suppose, even for the sort of people that the German brand originally targeted the car at.

Mansory paints Renovatio SLR black and white
Mansory Renovatio SLR

Unfortunately, for some reason, the tuning specialist didn’t dare to change that painfully kitsch “gold” leather and dashboard inserts for something more subdued and, well, less “controversial”: the materials that seem to taken directly from a drug dealer’s wet dream are still here.

I am trying to be as unbiased here as practically possible, but in this particular instance the choice of interior upholstery is not a matter of personal preferences: it is just a perfect example of bad taste.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren-based Mansory Renovatio

Okay, enough with art criticism, let’s get down to business.

According to the brand’s press release, Mansory’s new program for the SLR consists of a new body kit, which is made of the same carbon fiber, but features a little bit different shape that will hopefully make the car’s aerodynamics even better. Its front apron, for example, has been sculpted in a different way because it has to divert more air to a pair of new intercoolers of their custom supercharger that are mounted right behind the front bumper. If the system indeed works as expected, it will not only increase the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, but will also make it a tad more powerful.

The rear apron with new integrated diffuser is also supposed to work better than previous version providing the supercar with additional downforce at higher speeds.

Mansory Renovatio

The car’s got 0.2 seconds faster than the original model courtesy of a new supercharger unit, an inevitable ECU remap and a new high-flow exhaust system that also seems to be louder than the stock version. With all these upgrades, the SLR’s original 5.5-liter V8 gets its power pushed from already massive 626hp to even more impressive 700hp (an increase of almost 12%) and its torque also rises from 780Nm to 880Nm.

As I have already noted, the vehicle’s stock interior, too, has been re-upholstered and partially re-finished with new materials that include lots of black alcantara and natural leather that features contrasting stitching and quilted padding making the sports car look more luxurious. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to stop at the right moment and also added some faux gold leather inserts in both front seats. The leather seems to have very nice texture and I am fairly sure that the seats will be quite comfortable to, well, sit in, but, argh, that cheap color! Why did they have to ruin the beautiful vehicle with this?

There is still no information as for the kit’s price, but something tells me that it won’t be particularly affordable.

Mansory Renovatio (interior, door tread plate)
Mansory Renovatio (interior)
Mansory Renovatio (forged light alloy wheel)

Photos: Mansory

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