2008 Lexus IS-F tuned by Vorsteiner Ventross

Vorsteiner‘s new Japanese cars-oriented brand Ventross has developed a modest tuning kit for the 2008 Lexus IS-F performance sedan putting the strongest accent not on the usual artificially exaggerated curves and angles, but on the high-contrast black-and-white color scheme that regained its popularity during the recent decade or so.

The combination of colors has always been a winning one: you just have to look at a zebra or a panda (or, in some states, a police car) to understand how adorable they are. It started to really get traction back in the 70s when the first batch of Star Wars movies was released and experienced a revival around a decade ago when Apple started to use the combination of glossy white and black for their products. Now, when the equipment needed to produce blacked-out car parts is as cheap as can be, we can expect a huge way of black-and-white tuning programs from major tuning studios (and probably the smaller ones who can outsource the powder-painting job to a sub-contractor) as well.

2008 Lexus IS-F tuned by Vorsteiner Ventross
2008 Lexus IS-F by Vorsteiner Ventross

The kit, company says in its press release, is limited to a set of body panels and consists of a new, gloss-black front lower bumper spoiler, a trunk lid, which is now painted black with an integrated spoiler of the same color, and an add-on rear diffuser that, as far as I understand, is simply attached to the original rear bumper using 3M tape.

What differentiates this body kit from many others, is that all of the extra parts are not just cast out of plastic, but are actually made of light-weight dry carbon fiber (it is lighter and more durable than the so-called “wet” carbon that doesn’t provide any noticeable weight-saving over normal plastic or even metal parts).

2008 Lexus IS-F tuned by Vorsteiner Ventross (side view)

Compared to many kits that are currently available on the market, the one made by Vorsteiner Ventross looks considerably more organic and surprisingly discreet: in the business where manufacturers often ready to climb on the proverbial wall in order to make their body kits as ‘distinct’ as possible, it’s a great pleasure to see a company that tries to integrate its parts into the existing visual structure in the most careful way that is realistically possible.

The tuned version of the 2008 Lexus IS-F may also come equipped with a Ferrari California-style stacked four-tip exhaust system, but, as far as I understand, that will require you buying an whole new rear bumper, which will greatly increase the cost of the upgrade program. Also, Vorsteiner Ventross promises to soon reveal a set of a three-piece forged aluminum wheels (they are visible on these promotional photos that accompanied the press release) that will be available in sizes 19 and -even more aggressive-looking, but probably not as comfortable on a normal road- 20 inches.

2008 Lexus IS-F tuned by Vorsteiner Ventross (rear view)

Combine this aero kit with an engine upgrade program from a brand like RR Racing, a new suspension and a set of bigger brakes and you will get yourself a gorgeous vehicle that will easily put to shame European sports cars that are twice more expensive!

Photos: Vorsteiner/Ventross

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