2009 BMW X6 Hamann tuning kit

German super-tuner Hamann -a company that deals in all things luxury including Mercs, Porsches, and Lamborghinis, but clearly preferring to be associated with BMW- has just revealed its first comprehensive customization program for the still-fresh BMW X6 sports car. Being a rather strange mix of a four-door coupe and an SUV, the base vehicle tries to be a jack of all trades. The German tuning specialist, however, helps you make the sporty crossover what it has to be: a sports car that, while still being a bit overweight compared to a normal four-door coupe, has all things necessary to give you a right mixture of driving pleasure and utility that many crossovers strived for, but only a few of them actually achieved.

Hamann’s first personalization kit for the BMW X6 was revealed about five months ago in June, 2008 when the German tuning company presented, somewhat hastily, a modest-looking appearance kit for the just-presented SAC: the company clearly wanted to skim some cream from some of the cash that BMW planned to milk early adopters off. I have no idea how successful the first aero package was, but I am glad that the company didn’t stop at that initial effort and actually invested some serious cash into a new kit.

2009 BMW X6 Hamann tuning kit
2009 BMW X6 Hamann

This time, as you can see on the pictures, the German tuner tries to sell you a much more elaborated program that also includes an engine upgrade package for the 2009 BMW X6 xDrive30d and xDrive35d versions of the car.

2009 BMW X6 tuned by Hamann

According to the company, the upgrades increase their available power to 265hp / 600Nm and 320hp / 660Nm respectively turning you base and mid-range coupes into a lot more serious vehicles that, while not being able to win you a drag race, would still give you tons of adrenaline both on a track and on an Autobahn. Also, there is an engine upgrade kit in the works for the more sophisticated V8 twin-turbo-powered xDrive50i model, although it will be revealed sometime later this month or even in December, 2008.

The upgrade program, company says in its press release, includes a high-flow intake, an exclusive quad-pipe exhaust system that sounds better and allows the retuned engine work in a smoother fashion, and, of course, a set of cool-looking, blacked-out 23-inch forged alloy wheels wrapped in extra-wide 315mm tires.

2009 BMW X6 tuned by Hamann (side view)

The car that will have to fight its way through the ranks of such serious competitors as top of the line Infiniti FX, second-generation Porsche Cayenne and the new Mercedes-Benz ML-Class, may also be equipped with a Hamann aero kit that includes a new front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights, a roof spoiler that will hopefully protect your rear window from all that disgusting winter mud, a bigger boot lid spoiler that will probably do the same job, and a three-part rear casing. The last part, by the way, looks like there is also reserved some fitting space for a rear diffuser that may still be in its development stage.

Of course, Hamann also offers a light-weight carbon-fiber hood that will save some you 5kg of dead weight while giving the car an even more menacing appearance. A 12-piece carbon-fiber dress up kit inside the X6 won’t save you a lot of fuel, but will nevertheless make the SAC look a trifle sexier.

2009 BMW X6 tuned by Hamann (interior)
2009 BMW X6 tuned by Hamann (interior, aluminum pedals)
2009 BMW X6 tuned by Hamann (interior, Hamann-branded cargo carpet)

Photos: Hamann

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