2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS body kit by JE Design

Current Porsche Cayenne may be one of the most versatile performance SUVs currently available on the market, but it has got a serious problem: it is old. In fact, it is so old that even the Biblical guy Methuselah looks like a boy scout when standing next to the German crossover SUV with its outdated sheet-metal and not especially inspiring plastic parts. JE Design, a tuning specialist of the same origin has made its own attempt at cosmetic surgery. Did they succeed? Hm…

JE Design has just revealed its first tuning kit for the 2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS performance SUV. Sitting quite comfortably between the Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo models, the old vehicle offers styling that is similar to that of the formerly range-topping Turbo while sporting a price tag that is not much higher than that of the Cayenne S. While at the moment of introduction the Cayenne family looked quite impressive, especially when compared to its American competitors, by now the car looks dated hurting not only VAG’s sale numbers, but also their proud owners’ ego. It was just a matter of time that tuning studios of all sorts would start pouring in their own kits designed to make the aging vehicles more relevant.

2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS body kit by JE Design
2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS by JE Design

Although one would have expected the German tuner to present us a set of high-tech gizmos increasing the vehicle’s top speed or slashing its acceleration time by a second or so, guys from JE Design decided to go the easy way addressing nothing more than the vehicle’s exterior. Judging by the looks of it, they have simply created a set of Frankensteinian-looking fiberglass body panels and added to the salad an electronic chassis lowering module. Ouch.

The body kit, which is also available for the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Cayenne Turbo S models, includes reworked side skirts, an awkward-looking pair of front and rear skirt extensions further limiting the vehicle’s off-road capabilities, integrated LED daylight running lights (frankly, I am not sure whether they have simply re-installed the original ones or ordered a pair of LED bars from a third-party manufacturer,) and a custom rear diffuser, which can house two pairs of oval shaped, performance stainless steel exhaust pipes.

2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS body kit by JE Design (rear view)

And, adding insult to injury, guys from JE Design also covered the GTS’s front bi-xenon lights with a garage-tuning-like plastic “spectacles”, which is, from where I sit, is just bad taste. OMG, didn’t they ruin the good design, one might ask? Well, the beauty is, as usual, in the eyes of the beholder, so it’s for you to decide. As for me, I would probably either order some of the plastic parts or, at the very least, tried to resell on eBay some of the kit’s most outrageous components.

According to the company, the body kit can be complimented with different sets of JE Design’s five-spoke custom wheels up to 20 inches in size.

Okay, don’t get me wrong, but I guess that this kind of personalization is a kind of self-defeating.

Except for the wheels and the lowering module, there is no reason whatsoever to buy this bunch of plastic, because the SUV is already delivered with a gorgeous-looking Sports Package aero-kit and you just can’t make it look any better.

2009 Porsche Cayenne GTS body kit by JE Design (20-inch custom wheel)

Photos: JE Design

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