2010 Bentley Azure T RWD convertible

The gorgeous 2010 Bentley Azure T a super-luxurious four-seater for the other kind of ‘onepercenters’, which is based on the outgoing Arnage platform and features all the amenities that you can imagine in a deliberately archaic car, has finally been revealed at the 2008 Auto Show in Los Angeles, California.

The huge two-door RWD (yes, exactly: a rear-wheel drive!) convertible features the same twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter, 500hp /1000Nm V8 engine as the 2008 Bentley Brooklands and takes only 5.5 seconds to reach the 100km/h mark, effortlessly converting whole OPEC’s daily production capacity into a fine mixture of greenhouse gases and sheer driving pleasure.

2010 Bentley Azure T RWD convertible
2010 Bentley Azure T

Yes, according to EPA estimates, the new vehicle will feature 9/15 mpg fuel efficiency in city and highway cycles respectively: something you usually expect from a heavy body-on-frame SUV. Couple that with a fuel tank with capacity only slightly bigger than 25 gallons and you get a vehicle with a range that is just good enough to travel from one gas station to another. Well, this sort of vehicles has never been about fuel economy and it’s clearly not a cruiser for coast to coast adventures: it’s a Bentley, dammit!

2010 Bentley Azure T

Being a superior version to the 2006 Bentley Azure, the ultra-luxury car differs from the standard version not only with its engine, which is, by the way of speaking, whole 50hp more powerful and produces 125Nm of extra torque, but also comes equipped with a set of 20-inch five-spoke ‘Bright Finish’ alloy wheels, dark tint matrix upper and lower grilles, ‘Le Mans’ lower front wing air vents, Bentley ‘Jewel’ fuel filler cap, and a stunning (for a normal motorist) choice of 42 exterior paint colors. Speaking of colors, I am also fairly sure that, if money is not an issue, the British brand will gladly offer you an even more unique paint of your choosing to make the car as ‘personal’ as one can imagine.

Inside this precious piece of rolling real estate you may find lots of finest leather, wood, aluminum and chromed steel covering just about every square inch of the vehicle’s interior. Honestly, I highly doubt that, unlike Jaguar and even Aston Martin, you’ll manage to find a single piece of cheap plastic inside this gorgeous car.

2010 Bentley Azure T (gorgeous lether-and-wood-and-no-freaking-plastic interior)

Since potential owners usually know a thing or two about conspicuous consumption and are often spoiled by very nice stereo systems in their dwellings, the 2010 Bentley Azure T may be ordered with an exclusive Naim for Bentley premium sound system with a high-quality 1100 Watt amplifier, 10 speakers and even a dual-channel subwoofer. What’s even more exciting is that the sub located not in the trunk, but in the rear passenger footwells so that the sound remains within the open cabin. Not sure about this particular version, but usually this sort of design gives a lot cleaner and more energetic low frequencies compared to a sub placed in the trunk that normally tends to do nothing more than to shake the sheet-metal of your car causing you a good headache after first ten minutes.

The audio head unit comes fitted with an SD card slot, an iPod interface, USB, Mini USB and a 3.5 mm AUX jack, as well as a 12V power outlet. Damn, I need to work harder.

2010 Bentley Azure T (interior, dashboard)

Photos: Bentley

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