Lumma CLR X650 body kit for the 2009 BMW X6

German tuning studio Lumma-Design has finally presented its first appearance kit for the BMW X6 sports activity coupe. First revealed back in July, 2008, the new Lumma CLR X650 wide body kit gives the X6 even more comics-like appearance reminiscent of those mean-looking yet highly ineffective Imperial Stormtroopers from the Star Wars saga.

The full widebody kit, as Lumma says in the press release that accompanied the photos that you can see below, includes a set of fender extensions that add fifty millimeters to the vehicle’s width on each side, as well front and rear bumper spoilers, more aggressive side skirts and even an air-ducted carbon fiber hood.

2009 BMW X6 Lumma CLR X650
2009 BMW X6 Lumma CLR X650

While the bulk of the plastic and carbon-fiber kit is here only for appearance purposes, the wheel arch extensions actually do a job here offering cover for a set of black-painted 23-inch wheel rims that are wrapped in performance rubber. Compared to the vehicle’s overall look, the rims don’t look especially sophisticated, yet, being a bit lighter than the stock alloy wheels that the vehicle originally is offered with, they will also give you a lot more space for larger brake discs should you decide to invest into ones after the first lap on a Nurburgring.

Lumma CLR X650 body kit for the 2009 BMW X6

As usual, there is also a 35 mm suspension lowering module giving the car meaner looks and also making it more stable on a good road. Of course, coupled with ultra-thin tires, the shorter suspension will also give a lot less travel potentially bottoming out a lot more often and making a bumpy ride on a poorly maintained backside road an almost unbearable one.

According to the tuning specialist’s PR blurb, the Lumma CLR X650 body kit may be complemented by a reprogrammed ECU module that will allow the BMW X6’s 4.4-liter V8 engine to utilize its potential to higher degree while giving the bird to the fuel economy, as well as a nice stainless steel sport exhaust system that will let it breathe freer and sound meaner compared to the stock one.

Lumma CLR X650 body kit for the 2009 BMW X6 (rear view)

To make the driver’s pleasure even more acute, Lumma has also introduced its new GPM module: a gas pedal response module that replaces the original electronic gas pedal chip with a reprogrammed one making the car more responsive. It’s still not clear what it will do to the original manufacturer’s warranty, but it sounds like a really fun upgrade, especially if you plan to use the car on a closed track rather than on public roads.

Besides the branded aluminum pedals and footrest covers, the vehicle’s interior has also received some extra leather and Alcantara treatment making it more unique.

As always, Lumma-Design doesn’t disclose the kit’s price, so, if you are really interested in one, you should contact them personally via their official web-site. Just keep in mind that the kit will surely be not cheap and will probably set you back for a pile of money large enough to buy you a souped-up European hatchback.

Photos: Lumma Design

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