SEMA’2008: Saturn Vue Greenline Hyline hybrid crossover SUV

Saturn Vue Greenline Hyline to be presented at the 2008 SEMA show

Saturn Vue Greenline Hyline

At the upcoming 2008 SEMA auto show in Las Vegas, General Motors and Sound Choice Audio and Performance will together present a special edition version of the 2008 Saturn Vue Greenline compact crossover SUV.

Just like most cars presented at SEMA, the hybrid-powered Saturn Vue Greenline Hyline comes equipped with a number of exterior and interior modifications, including an in-car computer with touchscreen display, voice command system, a custom stereo and even internet access.

Outside of the car you will see new aero kit, single wiper conversion, HID and LED headlights and even side-mounted cameras making it easier to park the bulky car-based SUV. Performance upgrades include a cold air intake system, bespoke sports exhaust and a modified suspension.

2008 Saturn Vue photos:

2008 Saturn Vue crossover SUV

2008 Saturn Vue (rear view)

2008 Saturn Vue (interior)

Photos: GM/Saturn

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