Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900 supercar

German uber-tuner 9ff has revealed technical specs and pricing info on its new masterpiece, the extravagant 9FF GTT 900, and the numbers are nothing, but stunning!

There is a certain kind of vehicle that allow an almost unlimited choice of personalization options. Like Harley-Davidson motorcycles are often compared to a pizza base where you get yourself a ‘production’ motorcycle and, using an endless list of bolt-on parts and some imagination, turn it into, basically, whatever you like, such is the legendary Porsche 911 family of sports cars that has a long history of being a European tuner’s brand of choice when it comes to making particularly mind-numbing stunners on wheels. Of course, being an awful lot more complex than your average Dyna or Softail, the 911 requires a lot of expertise to be invested into making a true roadmonster, yet, if done correctly, the upgraded vehicle will give you a lot more driving pleasure than a twice more expensive supercar from a ‘normal’ coachbuilder.

Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900 supercar

It looks like the German-based tuning specialist has invested a great deal of the aforementioned expertise into the upgrade program making the 9ff GTT900 supercar, which is based on the Porsche Carrera GT sports coupe, capable of running the 0-100km/h time in only 3.2 seconds: something that not that easy to achieve, even if you base your masterpiece on one of the best-performing vehicles on the planet. By the way, the tuning studio still cares about your safety electronically limiting the vehicle’s top speed to (absolutely terrifying) 390km/h.

Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900 priced at impressive EUR 452,000
Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900

Putting the numbers in perspective, the 0-100km/h acceleration now takes 0.7 seconds less and the top speed is now 56km/h more than that of the donor vehicle.

But look at the price of this thing! Yes, 9ff wants €452,000 for each converted model. Although the price of the donor car is included in the grand total, it is still a small consolation now as the global financial meltdown is still unfolding across the world.

The roughly $200,000 price differential is justified by the fact that the tuned vehicle now sports a 900hp, 5.7-liter V10 engine sitting inside a monocoque chassis made entirely of light-weight carbon-fiber.

Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900 (rear view)

The GTT900 also sports a set of high-performance ceramic brakes as well as a dual disk clutch made of the same material. The car’s center of gravity may be further decreased using its electric suspension system.

Of course, there are also a lot of other carbon-fiber parts, such as the rear wing, a front lip spoiler and apparently the rear diffuser, but the car still doesn’t even come close to the famous Caterham RST-V8 Levante madness on wheels that seems to be made almost entirely of this lightweight (and expensive) material.

Would be nice to get one of those for a test-drive to make this brief review more, um, comprehensive, although it is still not clear whether the super car will be certified as a road-legal model or is it going to be limited to a closed track.

Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900 (carbon-fiber rear wing)
Porsche Carrera GT-based 9ff GTT900 (engine compartment)

Photos: 9ff

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