2009 Maybach Zeppelin: resurrection of the dead

The new 2009 Maybach Zeppelin, which is going to be officially presented at the international motor show in Geneva this March, is not really a new model. It can be better described as an even more expensive limited edition of the 57 S and 62 S super-luxury limousines.

I do not know, how much Daimler buried invested in the Maybach project, but it must be quite a load of money considering the fact that the company keeps introducing new models trying to revive the failed super-luxury saloon range that tends to flatline as soon as they finish zapping it with an equivalent of 1000 volts of financial and marketing charge.

2009 Maybach Zeppelin: resurrection of the dead
2009 Maybach Zeppelin

In this respect, the curious case of Maybach reminds of the strange experiment that Professor Max Bazerman of Harvard Business School conducts on his students selling them a $20 bill for $200 (actually, his personal record at this time is reported to be $204, which is quite impressive.) You can google it yourself, but the essence is that the one who wins takes the twenty bucks and the one who loses gives the Professor the losing bid thus provoking a real carnage on the bidding floor with both students trying to minimize their losses as soon as the bid is higher than $20.

2009 Maybach Zeppelin

This seems to be the case with the Maybach project. Trying to create a viable competitor to Rolls-Royce, the German car manufacturer has poured an astronomical amount of money into the resurrected brand and, not quite ready to admit defeat and to write off hundreds of millions of Euro, the keep pouring more and more cash into it in a hope that this particular model will actually prove successful.

Almost exactly a year ago the car maker introduced a highly-unpractical (although, absolutely gorgeous-looking) 62 S Landaulet model and now they are trying to make a buck or two on the Zeppelin edition of the car.

Limited to only 100 copies per year (nobody really believes that Maybach will manage to sell half of this number, especially at a time like this, when the whole global economy is resting in a huge pile of hot manure) the Zeppelin will sport the same 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine delivering 640hp and providing a peak torque of exactly 1000Nm.

2009 Maybach Zeppelin (side view)

Featuring extra 28hp over the standard engine, the powerplant will most likely take no more than 6 six seconds to accelerate the huge car from zero to 100 km/h.

Trying to justify a pretty hefty price tag (Daimler plans to sell the Maybach 57 Zeppelin for €406,000 and the 62 Zeppelin will cost you €473,200 if you will find a bank to provide you with a car loan, that is), the company offers the car with a set of 20-inch wheels in a Chrome Shadow finish, two-tone exterior paint, tinted tail lights, aerodynamically tuned exterior mirrors.

Inside the car, you may find lots of high-quality leather, wooden trim in piano lacquer finish, lambskin carpeting and things like that.

For extra €3950, you can also order a mysterious device called perfume atomizer, which is in essence a much more expensive analogue of the Magic Tree car air freshener. Want not, waste not — that’s my motto.

2009 Maybach Zeppelin (rear view)
The original 1931 Maybach Zeppelin
The original 1931 Maybach Zeppelin

Also, check 2009 Maybach Zeppelin’s interior photos:

2009 Maybach Zeppelin (interior, front row seats)
2009 Maybach Zeppelin (interior, center console detail)
2009 Maybach Zeppelin (interior, second row)
2009 Maybach Zeppelin (interior, the mysterious perfume atomizer)

Photos: Maybach

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