2009 BMW M6 PD550 wide-body kit by Prior-Design

German tuners keep experimenting with wide body kits for the current BMW M6 sports car. In this particular case, the overweight performance coupe looks like a sumo wrestler in a football armor.

Judging by the pics, the Prior-Design PD550 wide-body kit basically comprises the usual set of add-on plastic that you can get for almost any sporty coupe. The first things that will get noticed first are extra wide front and rear fender flares designed to provide the necessary living space for the set of FA 9.0 J x 21 / RA 10.5 J x 21 light alloy wheels wrapped in 255/30 ZR 21 / 295/25 ZR 21 ultralow-profile tires.

The parts are visually connected with a pair of new side skirts. Frankly, as angular and, well, not particularly expensive-looking, they do a very bad job at making the new wheel arches look more organic, but at least they make the car stick a little bit better to the road by not letting under the car’s body extra wind.

2009 BMW M6 wide-body kit by Prior-Design
2009 BMW M6 by Prior-Design

There is also a new air diffuser, front lip spoiler and something that looks like a pair of add-on plastic components on the front wheel arches, again, to make the front bumper look more in line with new styling.

The rest seems to be the same.

Well, what can I say? Right now, at this very moment I have a picture of a stock 2009 BMW M6 right in front of me. I see a very well-designed (albeit, a bit visually overweight to my taste) vehicle with a clearly visible German character to it. The way the parts stick together, the way the visual accent lines on its sides flow from front to rear, everything screams… well, not actually screams but tells you quite persuasively that this is one of the best examples of finest craftsmanship that only German car manufacturers are currently capable of.

With just a few strokes of a pencil, the guy who designed it made the new M6 look as a real gentleman’s car: even guys at Aston Martin and Jaguar seem to either have lost this secret art or sold it out in order to please the new bunch of persons that somehow managed to make millions, but failed to buy something as subtle as good taste.

From where I sit, this new Prior-Design PD550 wide-body kit doesn’t make this car more beautiful in any way that I can imagine because, trying to make the design more personal, it chooses the well-beaten path and hides beneath layers of plastic the real strong points of the vehicle’s design. With all respect, it even fails to personalize the vehicle since the add-on panels look quite generic: as I have already said, anybody can buy something like this for just about any car, which is marketed as a “sports” coupe.

Giving the German tuner their due, I must admit that making an appearance package for the current generation of BMW M6 is a very tough and unrewarding job: so far, I have seen not a single tuning specialist producing a set that would look convincing without detracting from its classic beauty.

Well, at least they tried, right?

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Photos: Prior-Design