2009 Ford Focus RS tuned by Loder1899

2009 Ford Focus RS tuned by Loder1899

German tuning specialist Loder1899 that usually specializes on much more expensive beasts made by Jaguar and Aston Martin, has released an upgrade program for the much humbler Ford Focus RS 300hp performance hatchback. Its desire to jump on the RS tuning bandwagon is easy to understand. While the new vehicle is not as exclusive, it is so popular among younger enthusiasts that it will possibly give the German brand more exposure (and hopefully more orders) than the two aforementioned brands combined.

2009 Ford Focus RS tuned by Loder1899

2009 Ford Focus RS by Loder1899

Since the vehicle looks surprisingly cool with its stock aero-kit, the Loder1899 concentrated the best part of their efforts not on looks, but on performance side of the program.

Equipping the hot hatch with a custom made intercooler, upgraded manifolds, and new free-flow sports exhaust system, the German tuner has managed to squeeze extra 65 hp and 58 lb-ft out of the stock 2.5-liter engine and so increased its top speed from 163 miles per hour to 168 mph. Not that the increase in speed is really dramatic, but it would be nice to have a car with more dynamics compared to a production variety.

Considering that even the base engine puts impressive strain on the stock limited slip differential, I wish you a healthy amount of luck driving this upgraded monster of a hatch.

I assume that guys from Loder1899 also don’t really want to see you flying off the road, so they has also equipped the car with a new suspension system that lowered its ground clearance by 35 millimeters and also got a new set of wheels and ultralow-profile performance tires.

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Photos: Loder1899