Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4-based Wheelsandmore LP 620 YarroW

German tuner Wheelsandmore -a brand that prefers to deal with ultra-luxury supercars made in Germany, Italy and Great Britain- has released some preliminary info concerning it new LP620 YarroW tuning program for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder supercar that was first unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in January 2006. Although your normal family sedan would look a bit dated by this time, the Spyder looks as gorgeous and jaw-dropping as on that very day it was presented. It is especially nice that the tuning program doesn’t try to “refresh” the stunner, but instead successfully enhances its strongest qualities by adding just the right amount of mods in a limited number of strategically chosen places.

According to the company, the tuning program, which will set you back at impressive €50,000 if you buy all components (it’s not clear whether the cost of labor is factored in,) includes upgrades to the vehicle’s powertrain (€12,500,) brakes (€13,998,) suspension (€8,999,) and you can also get yourself a sexy set of new blacked-out feather-light forged wheels (€11,400.)

The engine upgrade program is actually quite mild. According to Wheelsandmore’s press release, the stage one includes new valve controlled exhaust system, which is supposed to make the engine breathe more efficiently at different loads. There is also new carbon-fiber airbox unit as well as new ECU. While the former is clearly more of a cosmetic change, the latter will actually make the car move faster, although it will sacrifice some of its fuel efficiency in favor of speed and acceleration.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4-based Wheelsandmore LP 620 YarroW
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4-based Wheelsandmore LP 620 YarroW

The brake kit comes sporting 14.96-inch brake disks front and 14.17-inch discs rear with eight- and six-piston calipers respectively. Compared to the original Brembo brakes that measure 14.37 and 14 inches in diameter, the new system will provide more gripping power allowing for more energetic cornering and, probably, better active safety (when you are piloting such a powerful monster as this four-wheel drive Gallardo, you will never feel that your brakes are too efficient).

To make handling the supercar even easier, Wheelsandmore also offers new suspension system featuring new coilover with adjustable rebound and compression with a capability to increase the vehicle’s ground clearance by 1.77 inch. All you need to do, is just push a dedicated button. Yes, rolling over speed bumps (an evil contraption that made thousands of supercar owners curse the very day they exchanged their Cayenne Turbo for a fighter jet on wheels) have never been easier. Curbstones, however, still pose a significant risk of breaking for your front bumper’s lip, so be careful.

As usual, the tuner offers extensive use of carbon-fiber parts, such new rear diffuser and front flap and side mirror cases. As far as deadweight is concerned, they will possibly offer very low return on every dollar spent, but the black elements still look quite nice, especially with the yellow livery you see on these promotional pictures.

Both external mods and the paint scheme look great, although I am not quite sure whether it is a set of real photos or a very good 3D visualization.

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Photos: Wheelsandmore