Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Carbon Limited Edition Quartz Watch

Ferrari`s online store has just been updated with a new Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Carbon Limited Edition quartz watch. Coming in a fancy handmade jewel case, which is crafted in lacquered wood with carbon fiber details, the watch is selling with a pair of cufflinks with Ferrari logo enameled on carbon fiber base. Whoa.

Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Carbon Limited Edition Quartz Watch

Although the watch has the “carbon” in its name, its 42 mm case is in fact made of usual stainless steel, which is covered in PVD coating. The only piece of carbon fiber here is employed to make the chrono’s checkered dial.

As a matter of fact, the choice of material is quite fine with me since a timekeeper that has its case crafted from forged carbon fiber would be quite expensive. In fact, thanks to a usual combination of carbon-fiber with a high-end, manufacture-grade movement, it would be quite close to an entry-level Ferrari both in terms of pricing and long-term maintenance.

On the other hand, this piece of premium-branded merchandise looks great and wouldn’t break your bank in case you actually decided to go for it and order this chronograph.

Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Carbon Limited Edition

With the hands and hour indexes covered with bright white luminescent substance, the black-and-gray dial offers good legibility and, at the same time, provides the watch with more energetic and masculine appearance.

The fact that the three counters on the timekeeper’s carbon dial are designed to remind you of a vintage sports car’s instrument cluster, only makes this device even more desirable (although the fact that the 10-hour chronograph totalizer at 6 hours is visually linked to a small seconds sub-dial at 2 o’clock doesn’t look very logical to me).

The watch is targeted at Ferrari fanboys, not at the crowd of serious horology connoisseurs; therefore it is powered by an ordinary (for a Swiss Made Quartz) mass-produced Ronda Caliber 5050.C movement. The movement is built on 13 jewels and its on-board battery stores enough juice to keep the watch running for as long as 54 months (if you will not waste the energy playing with the chronograph function.)

Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Carbon Limited Edition (gift box)

Unlike most other “Swiss Made” watches priced at this level, the Ferrari Paddock Chronograph Black Carbon Limited Edition also sports a “split-second” chronograph function (it lets you start measuring new lap time with a push of a single button, without manually resetting the chrono wasting precious moments) and a “day of week” display window squeezed between the small seconds and 30-minute totalizers and positioned right below the bright-yellow Ferrari logo with the famous Prancing Horse.

Another good thing about this movement is that it is made of metal, without any plastic wheels or other moving parts one usually finds in cheap calibers from the Chinese contract manufacturers that usually come into cheap watches.

The movement is protected from the elements with a PVD-coated solid case back that also features a carbon-style decor pattern and the corporate logo.

Although wealthier part of us would any day waste this model in favor of a similarly-themed model from Panerai, this moderately priced watch can be a nice back to school gift for your son, if he is into the yellow-red world of screaming engines and screeching tires.

At the time of writing this article, the watch was still available in Ferrari’s online store at a price of €695 (20% VAT included.)

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Photos: Ferrari