2013 Shelby Focus ST Limited Edition

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the legendary tuner Shelby American -the brand was founded in California more than half a century ago and, since then, introduced a number of custom-made cars that can be called nothing but iconic (like, really iconic: people actually worship them)- has revealed a souped-up version of the 2013 Ford Focus ST hot hatch. Although not as exciting as their 2009 Ford Shelby GT500KR and clearly not offering anything groundbreaking in term of available maximum power or acceleration time, the new 2013 Shelby Focus ST Limited Edition brings you a nice design package with custom interior and some other enhancements.

2013 Shelby Focus ST Limited Edition

Well, maybe that’s not really a bad idea if you live in California and/or have to travel the majority of you commute via roads staffed with speed cameras. At least, you won’t be provoked on a daily basis and will save a great deal of cash on tickets.

According to the press release that was disseminated by Shelby American, the new car will be a conditionally limited edition: the tuning studio will accept no more than 500 cars per year for a comprehensive makeover. No, you won’t be able to save on labor costs, sorry. And, as far as I understand, if you and your Focus are here in Europe, you are probably out of luck, too, if dealers like Mountune Performance that have their own Focus ST tuning programs are not classy enough for your elevated tastes.

2013 Shelby Focus ST Limited Edition (front 3/4 angle)

Those cars that will be accepted, will be partially stripped down with the original hood and grille swapped for a ventilated bonnet and hydro-carbon grille inserts both on the front and the rear part of the car. The radically change the vehicle’s front fascia in a style that is more consistent with that of the legendary AC Cobra with the front grille sitting lower than headlamps giving it a lot more aggressive appearance.

To make the car look even cooler (and, probably, to make it better cling to the road), the Shelby Focus ST was additionally equipped with a rear spoiler (also black), while the rear Ford logo was swapped for Shelby lettering on a black applique that somehow reminds me of a similarly styled badge on the trunk of the outgoing 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV.

2013 Shelby Focus ST Limited Edition (rear 3/4 angle)

The interior will, too, be completely customized on the premises with lots of Shelby logos, as well a new Shelby shifter that will probably make the task of shifting gears even more rewarding.

As for the performance part, a prospective customer is offered with larger, more efficient brakes with drilled rotors; as well as a lowered Ford Racing suspension and a custom Borla exhaust system. The latter will probably fail to offer a noticeable increase in power, but will surely make the vehicle’s 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost four-banger sound even sexier than it actually is.

The car won’t come cheap, though. At this time, the American tuner plans to charge at least $15,000 for the personalization program and that does not include the cost of the donor car!

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Photos: Shelby American