2007 Daihatsu Sonica mini-MPV

2007 Daihatsu Sonica mini-MPV
2007 Daihatsu Sonica

The new 2007 Daihatsu Sonica mini-MPV somehow manages to combine an extremely small footprint with a *cough* spacious interior that allows five (or rather four plus very tiny one) persons to travel from point A to point B in *cough* relative *cough* comfort. Just to understand how compact the car is, consider that it is almost six inches shorter than the upcoming 2007 Fiat 500! Well, that is why it is called a Kei-car, isn’t it?

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2007 Kia Carens / Rondo MPV

2007 Kia Carens / Rondo MPV introduced in Madrid
2007 Kia Carens / Rondo

While the 2007 Kia Carens (also known as Rondo on certain markets) will not stun you with refined styling or expensive materials decorating its interior, the new people carrier seems to offer a nice combination of a comfortable interior with all the necessary amenities, and an easily recognizable exterior that, after you look at it for a minute, doesn’t look that ugly after all.

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